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The Parley is a system I use a lot in Online Casinos, especially with Blackjack, it really does not matter what game you are playing it works well with all of them, the reason for this is it cannot get out of hand, in fact if it does get get out of hand it's great news!

There are no hard and fast rules with your stake but I will give you a couple of examples:

Bet 1 unit on an even money bet ( it does not have to be an even money bet you could bet on 1st 12 at 2 to 1 for example, but luck has to be with you for this to work out ) continue to bet 1 unit until you win, when you win bet 2 units, if you win again bet 4 units, win again bet 8 units, when you lose go back to 1 unit.

You will have to set yourself some rules such as when to stop doubling, you will eventually lose if you keep going unless you were very lucky and reached the house limit. Personally I would stick to 3 or maybe 4 bets and then go back to 1. Also you do not have to double you could bet 2,4,6,8 and then return to 2 units.

Other ways to increase your bet could be, 1,1,2,4 and then back to 1 unit, the theory behind this is that if you lose on the second or third spin you break even, thus the only way to lose is the first spin and the only way to win is on the fourth spin. The first spin loses just 1 unit, however the fourth spin wins 8 units...

As you can see you have the opportunity to mess around with different progressions and find one that suits your budget and style.

I said earlier that I use this for Blackjack, I know this is entirely the wrong section but I feel I should explain why it is particulary useful for this game. As you may or may not know if the deck or Shoe in Blackjack is heavier with Tens or Aces the player has an advantage over the dealer and the player wins more hands, for this reason you often find that you have mini winning streaks and mini losing streaks. If you were to use the Martingale system in Blackjack you could get yourself into trouble very quickly, but using a progressive systems on wins makes sense as you should be expecting wins to be followed by wins and losing hands to be followed by losing hands.


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