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GamblingInvestor Roulette Sysyem 2

How about a system that covers 26 numbers out of 37 on a European Roulette table and 26 out of 38 on an American Wheel. Sounds good, well we can do this and we can either use a progressive system to try and make some money, or stick to the same unit bet for a session and hope for a good run and then, well, run!

We will be betting on one of the columns and either Red or Black, if you look at the Roulette table you will notice that the middle column has 4 Red numbers and 8 Black and the 3rd column has 8 Red and 4 Black. If we put 3 units on Red and 2 units on on the middle column we have covered 26 numbers, this is made up of 12 numbers on the centre column and 14 other Reds on the other 2 columns.

If any of the Red numbers come up on the middle column we win 6 units plus 6 units for the column making a profit of 6 units (Deducting our original stake) If one of the Black numbers comes up in the middle column we win 6 units making a profit of 1 unit. If a Red comes up on the outside columns we win 6 units also a profit of 1 unit. This leaves 11 numbers where we lose 5 units, any Black in the outside columns and the Zero (Double zero if playing an American table making 12 numbers)

We can do the same thing on the 3rd column except we place 3 units on Black and 2 units on the 4th column, everything else applies the same way.


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