Roulette Systems


This is as simple a system as the Grand Martingale. You start your even money bet, for example Red, Black, Even, Odd with 1 unit, if you lose increase your stake to 2 units, lose again increase to 3 units and so on. If you win decrease your stake by 1 unit, win again decrease by another unit and so on.


If you win your first bet, which would be 1 unit, continue at 1 unit. This is the only time you are forced to break the rule of decrease 1 unit when you win.

There really is nothing else to be said about this system, I have tried it and when played for long enough you will find that your stakes sometimes go as high as 10 or even 15 units and you rarely get back to 1. If you are going to use this system I would recommend 20 or 30 spins maximum and bet as high as you can afford to lose, keep it short term and you could make a nice little profit.


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