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GamblingInvestor Roulette Sysyem 1

This was the first system I ever used, I have refined the structure slightly but in essence it has not changed.

You place your stake on a six line bet (If you are unsure of any terms visit Roulette Rules). This is a 5 to 1 bet and it is a simple progression. What we want to achieve is to afford as many bets as possible while not letting the progression get out of hand. By running large numbers of simulations (there is no substitute for samples from a real Roulette table, we will cover this later) I have found that one of your numbers is most likely to come up in the first five spins, therefore, we want to make the most profit in this area. The problem with this is it makes the rest of the progression that much higher.

I am going to provide you with a betting structure that I use, also I am going to include an Excel spreadsheet where you can manipulate the betting structure to your hearts content. The advantage with this is that you can go for short term quick gain or long term slower gain depending on your mood or nerve...

There are no guarantees with this system, in the long run you will have long runs which will take you beyond the number of bets in the progression, however, I have had great sessions with this system, I have come out of Casinos with a very big smile on more than one occasion...

Stake Win Lose
1 5 -1
1 4 -2
1 3 -3
2 7 -5
2 5 -7
2 3 -9
3 6 -12
3 3 -15
4 5 -19
4 1 -23
5 2 -28
6 2 -34
7 1 -41
8 -1 -49
10 1 -59
12 1 -71

The stake column indicates how many units you bet, the win column indicates your profit taking into consideration your accumulated stakes to that point and the lose column indicates how many units you have staked in total to that point. This example allows for 15 consecutive losses in a row and win on the 16th. The spreadsheet will allow you to extend or reduce this number for added security or maximum profit with additional risk. I cannot advise you about risk management, except to say do not let a progression go beyond what you can afford to lose because one day the improbable will happen.



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